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Holotrópica Portugal

We are an international and experienced team of Holotropic-Breathwork facilitators, committed to making this method of self-exploration available in Portugal under the highest practice standards. Our work is rooted in the respect for the teachings we have received to support and facilitate non-ordinary states of consciousness that have a healing and transformative potential. It is our firm belief that all human beings can access a deep wisdom within themselves. One that spontaneously moves us towards a place wholeness.


As a team we value learning and sharing. Each of us has undergone extensive training during several years and shares a passion for the human mind and the mysteries of the human journey. Over the years we had the privilege to facilitate Holotropic Breathwork in different countries with people from all corners of the world. And although our core team is fixed, we often invite other facilitators to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices.


Acknowledging the richness of settings that bring together peoples from diverse cultural

backgrounds, our practice workshops are always held both in Portuguese and English.


As facilitators we remain engaged in learning and deepening our practice, as well as pursuing our development as conscious human beings. Holotropic Breathwork is just

one of the great methods developed to support human growth. It is an ally to those

committed to a path of self-discovery, compassion and the healing of trauma.


Ada Perkowska

Ada studied psychology and received training with Grof Transpersonal Training. She’s passionate about the healing potential of non ordinary states of consciousness and devoted to facilitating holotropic breathwork regularly. 
Her interests lie in intersection of psychology and spirituality, mysticism, poetry and contemporary dance. 

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